Warm Up, Power Up, Paddle Out!

The two essential things you need to do before paddling out

If you’re a surfer, you know there is no worse feeling than when your arms start failing you and your blood sugar levels drop as you’re trying to duck or paddle into waves. It shortens your time in the water, and makes you prone to silly injuries because you’re that little bit sloppier with your form.

So to avoid the struggle, here are the 2 main things I do before a session, especially if it’s going to be a long one.

Warm Up, Power Up, Paddle Out.

Warm Up.

Stretching your hips and shoulders before a session gets your body ready for the repetitive movements that come from paddling and popping up. It’s easy to get sore in the lower back, shoulders and neck from the constant upward extension of your spine when paddling. These areas can seize up if you you’re not careful, which can be a real pain (literally) and prevent you from surfing in the long term. Try small rotations, tricep extensions, neck and shoulder rolls before hitting the water, even if it’s just for 30 seconds each. After your session, if you have time, try these yoga moves on your mat for a really nice release through the legs and lower back.

Power Up.

I nibble on a Blue Dino bar before I head out. The ingredients are simple, and the bar is light enough not to feel like everything’s coming back up the minute you lay on your board (oh yeah, we’ve all been there).

Based on the paleo diet, they don’t have any refined sugars or added nasties, which means I get more of a long lasting energy release throughout the day, rather then the sugar rush a snickers bar would typically give you.

5 Ingredients, Endless Flavours

The main thing I love about Blue Dinosaurs is their no-bullshit approach to snacking and nutrition. When you’re constantly on the move, traveling or in between meetings and locations, it’s nice to have something on hand that you know is good for you. They suit everyone from kids, to vegans, vegetarians and even the picky eaters.

With the plethora of flavours they have (MacLemon & Lamington are my fave!) there’s something to suit for pre-breakfast, post-breakfast, afternoon snacks and everything in between. They’ve even developed their new “bite-size” form which is the equivalent of half a bar and is the perfect size to nibble on before you head out.

Surprisingly, the bars are quite filling (no doubt due to their all natural, nut filling ingredients) and even I find that half a bar is the perfect size to give me a little energy boost! There’s also their protein bars, which I have yet to try but are apparently incredibly nutrient dense!

The OG Of Healthy Snacks

Blue Dinosaur Bars and I go way back. A few years ago, when I was involved in one of their first campaigns alongside the gorgeous pro surfer Sage Erickson. I was even caught snacking on them in the Sporteluxe offices back when I was an editorial writer. It wasn’t long after I became social media manager for Sally Fitzgibbons (which comes as no surprise since they fuel the best of the best) that we started working together once again.

Safe to say, they’ve always been a part of my healthy habits, and my love affair for them simply continues to grow in the most all natural, 5-ingredients only way.

Which is why when I knew I would be surfing in the Mentawais for 10 hours a day, everyday for 10 days, it came as a no brainer that I would stuff as many of them as possible in my board bag. The daily routine went a little something like this :

  • Wake Up

  • Surf Check

  • Blue Dino Bar (or 1/2 of one)+ Coffee

  • Surf

  • 2nd half of my blue Dino bar + More coffee and breakfast.

On the days the surf was pumping and we couldn’t wait get out there, I’d just grab one with me and jump out. The package is — smartly — water proof. Good thing I stocked up too, because the girls couldn’t keep their hands off em!